Renewal Notice Creation

We have recently released a new suite of tools to help in the generation of renewal notices. Included is a tab where county supervisors can view and resolve the records that were unable to generate a value for a good renewal notice. Following is a description of how to utilize this new feature.

In Admin just beside the Rpts tab there is now a Notices tab. This has the following sub-tabs:

Create tab - has the option for running the notice files. After clicking Run it will generate the notice values and files (if it is the first run or if the "Force" option is selected) or it will recreate the files from the stored notice values.

Regular tab - shows all the good valued notices.

No Val tab - shows all records for which we were unable to determine a value. Clicking the Match button on one of these records allows you to correct the vehicle information. For notice errors not related to VIN matching, the Errors column gives a short description of why that notice is not able to be created. At this time, these errors must be cleared by finding and updating the customer/owner records manually.

Cust and Owner Flags tabs - allow you to "accept" the flag and keep it from preventing the notice creation for those records.

Modified tab - shows all records that have been modified via the No Val/Flags tab interface and helps keep track of which records have been fixed.

*This functionality is currently limited to supervisors because of the types of edits that are required to resolve some of the issues that cause records to show up as NoVal.*