IRP Refunds

1.       Create the Fleet

a.       Go to Admin > Custs > Fleets

b.      Either click ‘Add New’ and fill in details or select a fleet to edit (pen/paper icon)

c.       Make sure to add a mileage percent (based on the year you’re refunding)

                                                               i.      If refunding multiple years, you’ll need to do each year individually, changing this percentage between years

d.      Click the ‘Assign’ button beside the fleet name

e.      The default filter is any group that contains the words of the Fleet Name

                                                               i.      If necessary, you can change the Filter by clicking the ‘Filter’ button

f.        Select all applicable customer groups by checking the box beside the name

g.       Click the ‘Assign’ button in the gray bar at the top

2.       Process the Refunds

a.       Go to Admin > Trans > Auto

b.      Filter by the Fleet and Apportioned (AP) tag type

c.       Check the transactions to be refunded

d.      Click the ‘IRPRefund’ button in the gray bar at the top