Adding Unique NonVIN numbers (this option should be utilized for Trailers and Travel Trailers)


    • Click 'Autos'
    • Click 'NONVINs'
    • Click 'Add New'
    • Complete the fields listed. (see below)
    • Click 'Add'


    • Make: four letter make code (i.e. UTLO, UTLC, etc.)

      • If using a make not already in the system, you must also add the make code via the Makes tab

    • Model: Full model name, as specific as possible
    • Body: Body code(i.e. TL )
    • VehTpe: Dropdown for selecting type of vehicle
    • Year: Model year
    • V1-V2: On fields 'V1' and 'V2' you will enter the length of the trailer.
    • Cur Mkt: Current Market Value
    • Yr1 Mkt: Last year market value
    • Yr2 Mkt: Year before last market value



If the NonVIN number in the Tag App does not Automatically generate a list of available models click the 'model' button to load it instead of 'recalculate' button.