Groups (and how they affect your transaction)

In the Tag Application customers are divided into ‘Groups’. A group is a single customer record that can contain all units (Autos, Boats, Mfd Homes, etc.) that share a common registration name.

Any vehicles owned by that customer should be put into the group based on the title name.
Caution: The application will not restrict the addition of a vehicle with a different title name to a group.

The group’s primary owner’s last name will dictate the renewal month for vehicles in that group. Groups are categorized as Residential, Commercial, or Public Utility. Groups also store the customer’s municipal code and any applicable ‘tax exempt’ status (e.g. Military). See below for examples of tax exempt status.


Group Level Exempt Types

  • Not exempt
  • Military
  • NATO
  • Church
  • Blind/Deaf
  • Under Cover
  • Non-Profit
  • United-Way (Red Feather)