Check Correction

Correcting a check that has already been created
    • In Admin click 'Checks'
    • Click 'Ledger'
    • Edit the check by selecting the Pencil/Paper icon
    • Unlock the check by unchecking the Locked checkbox
    • Modify the amount, increasing or decreasing as appropriate
      (remember that the amount of the check is going to be a negative so if you replace the amount of the check
      instead of just editing, be sure you leave as a negative)
    • Add an appropriate Audit Comment to explain the reason for the modification/recreation
    • Create this new, to-be-written check by selecting 'Add New'
      (this is not select Update)
    • You should now see a check 'draft' (green, italicized transaction) sitting in your Ledger for the updated check amount
    • Go back and find the original transaction (the check that had been written) and edit, marking as Locked and Void
    • Select 'Update' to complete the entire process
    • You are now ready to select the new, updated check for printing.