Disabled Veteran Tags



There are three disabled veteran tag types in the application. These are intended to be used for specific purposes.

 If the customer satisfies the conditions for disabled veteran status and the vehicle is all or partly paid for by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (see Section 40-12-254), then select “Disabled Vet USVA purch’d”. This option is not common but, when it applies, the customer is exempt from fees and taxes.

For all other disabled veterans, the first tag is free and should be issued using the “Disabled vet. (free)” tag.  This is for all disabled vets with 10% or greater disability due to military service in a conflict, war, etc. in service of the US per Section 40-12-244.  This tag may be placed on pleasure motor vehicles up to 12,000 pounds (i.e., an R1 weight).

If the customer is 50% or more disabled or requires that his vehicle be equipped with special mechanical control devices, then he qualifies for multiple tags (per Section 32-6-130).  In these instances, all subsequent tags issued should be “Disabled Vet. > 50% or adaptive”.  These tags may be placed on all weight pleasure motor vehicles (up to an R6) and each requires a $5 registration fee.

 **2019 Fee Update**

There have been recent changes to the rules for Disabled Veteran tags.  Per the Department of Revenue, a disabled veteran that is 10% or more disabled can acquire an unlimited number of DV tags.  If the Veteran is 10%-50% disabled, he will receive the exemption on the first DV tag and can acquire additional DV tags for $23 each.  The rules are still the same as before for veterans that are 51% and higher.  They will receive the exemption on the first DV plate and can acquire additional DV tags for $5 each.