Parked Carts


This feature allows you to save and resume carts. This can be utilized in several situations where it would be undesirable to clear out an in progress transaction with items in the cart, or in lieu of incorrectly completing a transaction without physical payment. A few examples are as follows:

when a customer is unable to pay, but their transaction is already in the cart

when asked to perform a renewal over the phone to receive payment upon arrival

fleet renewals

*While a transaction is parked, no other transactions can be performed on the unit/units involved in the parked transaction. You will receive an error to this effect if you attempt to perform a transaction on these units.

Instructions for using cart parking and resuming:

To park your cart: Start by entering a name or some meaningful phrase into the highlighted text box, then click the green button beside it. Voila, your cart is parked.

To resume a parked cart: Go to the cart page, select an item from the dropdown, then click the green button beside the dropdown to load all the parked cart information into your current cart.