Dealer Tab

The Dealer tab contains an overview of all dealer tag transactions.

Filter Options

ID - the Transaction ID of a specific transaction
UserID - dropdown list containing all available users
Group - The Group number assigned to a group of transactions (such as a NewReg with a generated Renewal)
Issued - Issued Date (can be used to filter all transaction issued on a given date)
PayID - The PayID of a completed cart (may contain multiple transaction of different types, possibly with different business types)
Trans - Transaction Type, used to see transactions of a given type regardless of business type (I.E. view all Renewals for Boats, Autos, MfdHomes, etc.)
CustID - ID number assigned to a particular customer group, can be used to view all transactions done for a specific customer
Customer - filter based upon an Owner or Company name following the format Last, First M or Company Name, can use * to filter by partial name such as Smith, L*
SubSite - filter to view business done at a specific location
Tag Num- view all dealer transactions associated with a specific tag number

Context Menu Options

The context menu can be accessed by right-clicking on a transaction line item or clicking the icon.

Transaction# - Global non-business-specific transaction information

The information available includes:

    • transaction type
    • transmit status (only applies to auto transactions)
    • customer group information
    • customer level flags
    • other non-business-specific transaction information

Updates made to this information will automatically update the customer record if the "Update Customer Also" box is checked when updating.

Reprint - prints the receipt for the selected transaction

View Scan(s) - View scanned documents attached to a transaction

Add Scan(s) - Add a scanned document to a selected transaction

View Receipt - shows a preview of the receipt for a transaction

Recipient - The recipient options allows you to change the mailing information for a specific transaction without affecting the customer group.

    • This is used when the title information is not the desired recipient of a refund. Such as in the case of leased vehicles.

Dealer Trans - View or edit dealer tag specific transaction information

Includes: Tag Type, Tag Year, Tag Number, Fees, etc.

Audit - Provides a history of all changes made to a record

Payment# - View Payment record for a given transaction

Add Overpayment - Add overpayment to a transaction if it was not added during payment

ReDo - Redo a transaction, creates a reversal in cart and a corrective transaction, used when only a piece of a transaction is incorrect (i.e. did not charge a fee correctly)

Refund - Creates a reversal in cart, used when wrong transaction done or a significant change must be made during a correction (i.e. renewed wrong vehicle)

Quick Refund - Completely processes a refund without sending to the cart, used when transaction done in error and no corrective action will be taken other than refunding the paid amount