Autos Tab

The Autos tab allows you to view or edit auto or owner records without affecting previous transactions.


Visible tabs will vary based upon individual permissions setup for each user.

Autos - View or edit auto information

  • Filters:

    • ID - Auto ID number
    • VIN - VIN number, can use * as wildcard (i.e. *123456 will give all VINs that end in '123456')
    • Make - four digit make code (FORD,CHEV, etc.)
    • Model - Model name, can use * as wildcard (i.e. Mustang* will give all models that start with the word 'Mustang')
    • Year - four digit year

  • Buttons:

    • Edit  - view or edit vehicle information (VIN, Type, Make, Model, etc.)
    • Owner - Click here for information regarding Auto Owner
    • Flags - view, edit, add, or remove flags

Owners - View or Edit OwnerAutoInfo, also accessible via the Owner button on the Auto record

  • For detailed information click here


Makes - Allows managing of Vehicle makes

  • Buttons/Actions:

    • Add New - Add a new make code
    • Edit  - Edit an existing make code
    • Delete  - Remove a make

VINs - Allows managing of unique vehicles

  • Buttons/Actions:

    • Add New - Add a new unique vehicle record
    • Edit  - Edit an existing unique vehicle record
    • Delete - Remove a unique vehicle record

Detailed information about adding/editing a VINs entry can be found here