Group Move

The "Group Move" function is found on the search page.

The "Group Move" function allows vehicles to be consolidated under one customer.
Since the Tag App is a new system, the information in the system is organized by
customer and then by vehicle. Because of the way information was organized in the
previous system, the new system may list the same customer several times. This is
because the information about the customer may be slightly different (for example,
misspelled addresses). The "Group Move" is used when the customer already exists in the system.


    • Search the customer that needs to be moved
    • The "Group Move" function is selected by clicking on the checkbox next to the automobile(s) or boats(s) that need to be moved
    • Then click on the icon for group move
    • On the search page check the checkbox next to the customer under which you want to combine the vehicles
    • If the customer does appear, search the customer that you would like to move to
    • Select the green plus sign next to that customer
    • This will combine the two customers