Auto Overview

Auto specific search options

  • Customer Last Name
  • VIN
  • Tag 
  • Company Name
  • ALTS– Must use full ALTS number. This search type connects to the online ALTS service, pulls in Title App info, and attempts to locate the corresponding customer. You are also changed into ‘ALTS mode’. While in ‘ALTS mode’, the next time you create a new vehicle the record will be pre-populated with the information retrieved from ALTS for that Title App. If you need to cancel ‘ALTS mode’, press the ‘Reset’ button.
  • Customer Record Number
  • MVTRIP Search - search by tag or VIN and it will return the most recent matching record in MVTrip.
  • Barcode – used in conjunction with a barcode scanner to scan renewal notices

Purchase Types

Used when performing a New Registration.

  • New
  • Used
  • Lease
  • Lease to Own
  • Abandoned – Special Type for when someone is taking ownership of an abandoned vehicle, charges the net vehicle value which is entered as purchase price


Sale Types

Used when performing a New Registration or Sales Tax Only transaction to determine Sales Tax.

  • Dealer (In/Out)
  • Casual (In/Out)
  • Gift
  • Even Trade
  • No Sales Tax

Exempt Types

  • BOL
  • Permanent Trailer
  • Special Equipment
  • Church Bus/Van