Barcode Scanning

We use Barcode scanning in a variety of different ways through out the application.

Barcode Search

Scanning the barcode on a renewal notice - This will put the renewal directly into the Cart if all verifications pass.


ALTS search

Scanning the barcode on the Title Application - This will search all available customer groups that match the customers name.
The application will also capture the customer and vehicle information from the title application and input into the NewReg transaction.

After you click 'Search' the Status highlighted below will change to capture your ALTS number.  
The search results below the search bar will display available customer groups that match the customer's name.
At this time you can also use the other tabs available to search by 'Customer' (search by Driver's License here) or 'Address.' This narrows the search results. 

Barcode field on the 'Tag and Fees' tab

Scanning the barcode on the metal license plate while the cursor is in the tag field will populate category, type, and tag number. This will only work if the cursor is in the 'Barcode' field.

It is important to note that the barcode reader does not use <Enter> after a scan.  Hitting <Enter> will submit the page or re-search depending on what step of the transaction the user is currently on. 

Users should use <Tab> - This is a setting on the barcode reader.  The barcode reader should have shipped with a book of special configuration barcodes to adjust these kinds of settings.