Search Results Actions

On the search results page, there are many different options for handling customer groups and units.

Below is a breakdown of the buttons on the search results page and their corresponding action.

Customer Group Actions

 Edit Customer Allows you to view and edit the customer group information

 , ,  ,  

Add New Unit (Auto, Boat, Mfd Home, Placard, and Dealer Tag respectively)

 Delete Customer Only usable by supervisor/administrator, deactivates a customer group

 View/Edit Flags Allows you to manage the customer group level flags


Unit Actions

   Select Unit selects a specific unit that you will be performing a transaction on

   Delete Unit Deactivates the owner record for that unit and customer group

   Create New Group Starts the new group creation process and moves the selected unit into that customer group.

   View/Edit Flags Allows you to manage the owner flags


Special Actions (located above search results)

   Group Move Allows you to move units between groups, unavailable for placards