Online Renewal Fulfillment

For your online renewal transactions, you have a different "Web User" profile, which will allow you to access and edit web renewal transactions. You will need to add and maintain the "Web User" decal number inventory. When a renewal is sold online we will automatically assign a decal number for automobiles, but you will have to manually assign Boat transactions a decal.   Please be sure your Auto decal inventory never runs out.  Below are step by step instructions on what needs to be completed to fulfill your daily web renewals when you come in to work the next day.


**Loading Auto decal inventory will no longer be necessary once you have switched to POD (Print on Demand) receipts.  The tag number will print on the decal as the decal number.



         Go to Admin >OLR >Auto

         To process a transaction, check the box next to the record and click the Print button.   You may check multiple boxes to print all at one time.

         If the tag that has been renewed online has a new design, the tag number box will be empty.  Enter the tag number and click the Update button.  Then check the box to the left of the record and click the Print button.

         Attach decal to receipt and mail.



         Go to Admin >OLR >Boat

         The negative number you see in the Decal field is the Transaction ID number.  You will enter the new decal number in the Decal field and click the Update button.

         To complete the transaction, check the boxes next to the records and click the Print button.

         Attach the decals to receipt and mail.


EOD Reports - To be done the following business day.

         Your daily EOD reports will now have a row with the "Web User" amounts.  This will include Auto and Boat transactions.

         The next business day, enter a daily cash drawer for the Web User by using the daily closeout feature.   Be sure to select the correct date and Web User to submit the totals. 

         Online transactions processed on the weekends will need to be submitted separately for Saturday and Sunday transactions.